On your very own peninsula, in a perfect spot to watch the sunset…what else could you want? This is one of our top 5 favorite campsites.

Where We Stayed

J C Cooper Campground, Satterwhite Recreation Area
Henderson, NC
April 21 – 23, 2023
Site 54

While the whole campground is beautiful, and many sites are on the water, this particular campsite is different. It’s a little difficult to get into (you have to watch out for a few trees, and it might be a tight turn for a really big rig), but it’s worth it. It’s surrounded on three sides by Kerr Lake. In the evening, the sun sets right across the lake. Perhaps the only issue with the site is that because it’s on that peninsula, there are fewer trees, and therefore less shade than you’d have at another site.

The site offers water and 50-amp electric.

What We Did

The campground has a lot of spots with good water access. If you have a boat, there are multiple boat ramps. There are also plenty of little beaches around the lake that are good for the dogs. We spent a good bit of the weekend enjoying the view from our campsite or exploring the little side beaches with the dogs.

On Saturday, we drove about 45 minutes to Brodnax, Virginia (Evans Creek Road) to hike some of the Tobacco Heritage Trail. The trail continues in both directions from the parking lot, but we went east, staying on the same side of the road as the parking lot.

What a lovely trail! It was wide and mostly flat. It wasn’t paved, but it was reasonably packed, so it would probably be ok for bicycles, strollers, etc. We didn’t look to see if bicycles are allowed there, but if they are, it would probably be a great trail for kids to ride their bikes on. We went early, so it was also incredibly quiet. We only saw one other group during our hike.

There was a trash can and a vault toilet in the parking lot and another trash can/toilet less than a mile past the trailhead. (When you hike with dogs, trash can locations are a definite bonus.)


Happy travels!

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