We are Jesse, Beth, Max (larger dog), and Corona (smaller dog).

We ordered our RV in December 2019 and picked it up in early March 2020. (Yes, just before the pandemic really started. Talk about timing!)

We have been weekend warriors ever since. We try to go somewhere every other weekend from March to November.

About the Dogs

Max is 13 years old and weighs about 75 lbs. At his age, he should be slowing down, but somehow he missed the memo. He still walks faster than we want to on hiking adventures. His mission in life is to always have someone petting him. He believes if you have a free hand, you should make yourself useful.

Corona is 11 years old and weighs about 40 lbs. She is afraid of loud sounds, sudden movements, and many other things. She loves chasing squirrels, digging, and hiding under blankets. Food is the way to her heart, and she is convinced that anyone we pass on a hike is carrying snacks for her.

Our Travels

I don’t remember a specific day when we decided we wanted to buy an RV. What I do remember is worrying about Max and Corona every time we went on vacation and had to board them. Corona is such a nervous dog (especially back then). Max is usually a go-with-the-flow sort, but we worried about him too.

Eventually, we realized that with an RV, the dogs could easily join us on vacations. We started going to RV shows, walking in and out of every RV we could, learning about the different layouts and features. Eventually, we found the one that looked like the best fit for us and decided to make our move.

We try to take our RV somewhere every other weekend from March to November. We’ve been as far north as Niagara Falls and as far south as the Florida Keys.


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