It’s National Take a Hike Day!

We weren’t able to get out for a real hike, but we took an afternoon walk around our neighborhood. It was in the low 70s and was absolutely wonderful.

In honor of the day, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite hikes.

Hike with a Great View

Maryland Heights Trail
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

We hiked about 5 miles, but there are paths to make it a longer hike if you want. In addition to the spectacular view of Harper’s Ferry at the top, there are some interesting historical aspects. They call this hike moderate to strenuous, but if you can do it, the view at the top is worth it!

Hike to a Cool Destination

Eternal Flame Trail
Orchard Park, NY

This was a fairly short, easy hike. I don’t think it had rained recently when we went, and this may have contributed to the ease of the hike because a good bit of the trail is along a creek/stream. It’s possible you’d be walking in the stream if you went in a wetter season. A stream meant there was plenty of water access for the dogs.

At the end, there’s a flame in a tiny cave under a waterfall. I’ve heard the flame does go out sometimes, so a lighter might not be a bad idea.

Interactive Hike

American Beech Trail
Lillington, NC

This 0.5-mile trail is educational and interactive! It’s not appropriate for strollers, as there are a lot of exposed roots, but it’s a fairly easy trail otherwise. At the beginning, there’s a small stand with brochures inside. To get the most out of this trail, you’ll want to take one when you pass it. There are numbered posts along the trail whose numbers correspond to an informational blurb within the brochure.

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