From pirates to pet stores, Myrtle Beach has so much more to offer than the ocean. We took a long weekend to try a few new things and enjoy some of the classics.

Where We Stayed

Sun Outdoors Myrtle Beach
Conway, NC
July 5 – 9, 2023
Site B142

It would take too much space to list all of the amenities here, but I’ve included a list of the ones that stood out to us.

  • multiple food and drink options (from sit-down restaurant to snack stand to bar)
  • lazy river
  • golf cart rentals
  • 3 pools
  • kids’ splash pad/slide area
  • hot tub
  • cabins
  • dog park and dog wash area
  • playground
  • basketball and pickleball courts
  • fitness center
  • fun & games – arcade, mini bowling alley, mini golf

We had family with us this weekend, so we did rent a golf cart. There’s a lot to see at this campground, and having the golf cart really helped. If you’re staying with anyone with mobility troubles or young kids, I’d recommend the golf cart rental. Despite his reservations, Max gave the golf cart a try. He says golf carts are good for old dogs, too.

We spent a good bit of time at the pools on this trip. That’s right, pools — plural. There are three at this campground (plus a hot tub). The family pool has a zero-entry area, which is cool, but it was pretty noisy and crowded. We ended up spending most of our time at the adults-only pool. The water was a bit warmer, and it was much quieter. The third pool has a section with jets and a bench that’s partially separated from the main area of the pool. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a nice spot to relax if you don’t want the intense heat of the hot tub. There’s also a lazy river.

What We Did

We went to the beach one morning. We must have picked the perfect day, because the water was just the right temperature, and the waves weren’t bad at all. Be aware, Myrtle Beach has rules about what “shading devices” can be used on the beach, so you’ll want to look them up if you’re planning a trip.

Pirates Voyage Dinner Show

The website describes it as “swashbuckling, Blackbeard-themed pirate performances with stunts, plus a 4-course dinner.” While that is technically true, it feels inadequate. There were acrobatic stunts, animals doing tricks, water stunts, and more. On top of all that, the food was better than I expected. It was not an inexpensive outing, but it was a new experience for us, and I’m glad we tried it once.

Sky Wheel

We also tried the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel. It’s like a Ferris wheel, but on steroids. The gondolas are air-conditioned, so it’s a nice break from the South-Carolina-in-July heat, and the view from the top is stunning. There was a decent line when we arrived shortly after dinner, so be aware that you may have to wait a bit.

Happy Birthday, Max!

On Friday we celebrated Max’s 13th birthday. We picked up a dog cake from a place called Precious Paws Boutique. Max was kind enough to share with Corona. It was super cute and both dogs really seemed to like it.

Aside from the variety of birthday cakes, what stood out to me was the store’s large selection of unusual dog chews. I’ve bought bully sticks and pig ears before, but this store had things I had never seen, including duck wings, turkey heads, and more. I won’t add pictures to this post, but if you’re interested, look at the treats category on their website.

Conway Riverwalk

The city of Conway is just a 20-minute drive from the campground and happens to have a 1.25-mile riverwalk that we wanted to explore. We went early to avoid the heat, so there was plenty of parking.

I was not expecting it to be so charming! The path itself winds along the Waccamaw River. Part of it is an actual boardwalk over the water; some is a paved sidewalk through a waterfront park.

I want to give a quick shoutout to the Cypress Inn. We usually bring water for the dogs with us on hikes, but that day we left the water in the truck. On our way back, a fabulous employee from the Cypress Inn noticed the dogs looked hot and gave us a bottle of water so they could have a drink. The building is beautiful, so I was already impressed, but after this lovely gesture, I liked them even more.

The park has a large gazebo and several nice trees. At the start of the riverwalk, there’s even a dock right by a restaurant. I don’t know how common it is for people to kayak or paddleboard down the river, but there’s easy access for a lunch stop. We also found a hibiscus with flowers larger than my hand!

Happy travels!

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