Eclipse Trip Leg 4 — New Orleans to Houston

Next stop…Texas! We left New Orleans, drove across Louisiana, passed into Texas, and stopped for one night in Houston.

I wish I’d thought to get a picture of the fields in Louisiana as we left New Orleans. So many of them looked flooded, even though it hadn’t rained recently. They also had these little red markers in rows across the field. After some Google research, it appears that the fields were rice fields and the markers were actually crawfish traps. Just one of those interesting tidbits of information you pick up when you travel somewhere new.

In Texas, I saw my very first 75 mph speed limit sign!

The Texas Welcome Center was impressive. They had an eclipse booth set up inside with information and handouts. They also had some nature trail boardwalks behind the building. Sadly, we didn’t have time to try them out, but it looks like it’s worth a stop if you’re passing through!

Giant Texas star at the welcome center.
Trails behind Texas Welcome Center

When I thought about Texas, I pictured cows.

What I didn’t expect, but probably should have, was the enormous power plants/refineries. It’s hard to get an idea of scale from the photo, but they’re insane!

Where We Stayed

Houston East RV Park was a fine place to stop for a night. It seems like a lot of the people staying there work somewhere nearby during the day, so it was really quiet until about 5:00 or 5:30 when people started arriving home.

Campground NameHouston East RV Resort
LocationBaytown, TX
DatesApril 4-5, 2024
Site NumberSite A-1
Hook-upsFull hookups + 50-amp electric
Cost$52 per night (including taxes)
Water Pressure~40 psi
Voltage~115 V
AT&T Speed Test24 Mbps up; 24 Mbps down
Verizon Speed Test266 Mbps up; 4 Mbps down
T-Mobile Speed Test227 Mbps up; 23 Mbps down

We stayed in a regular pull-through, but they have some interesting sites that back up to a pond/lake. Each has a piece of fence in the front with a gate wide enough for an RV. When it’s closed, there’s enough of a gap for people, but not vehicles.

The laundry room here is small but perfectly adequate. At one end, there’s a set of weights, a piece of exercise equipment, and a TV. There’s even a book/DVD library where you can take one, leave one, or borrow one. Such a cute idea for an RV park!

What We Did


We had a wild and crazy time in Houston! We did laundry and went grocery shopping. Yup, we’re very exciting people. Because of the expected number of people coming into Kerrville for the eclipse, we wanted to be sure we had any groceries we’d need before we got there, so we went to an HEB.

It was an interesting place, much like our grocery stores at home…with one notable exception. The coupons. They hung in bundles in front of each product. We’ve never seen that before. Not sure if that’s specific to HEB or maybe this area of the country, but it was interesting.


When walking the dogs, we found lots of interesting mud holes. They stood maybe 2-3 inches high. I assume they were made by some sort of bug, but I don’t know which one. If anyone knows who is responsible for these cool little towers, I’d love to know!

Happy travels!

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