We’ve made a lot of changes to the RV since we bought it, and they run the gamut from five-minute fixes to complex projects. We thought we would share a few that stand out as really simple changes that helped with some challenges of RV living.

In an effort to make these changes really easy to duplicate in your own RV, I’m including an Amazon link to each product. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


RV challenge: limited counter space

If your RV is anything like ours, counter space is limited. So, we love it when we find a necessity that can live elsewhere. This paper towel holder hangs from the underside of the cabinets, so it doesn’t take up any of your precious counter space. There are several styles of hanging paper towel holders, but this is the only one that looks secure enough for a bouncy travel day. With this style, we have never had a roll shaken loose while we were driving.

Another great feature: it takes only seconds to install. Just two short screws secured it to the underside of our kitchen cabinets.


RV challenge: limited floor space

I am always surprised at the number of shoes I want during a weekend RV trip. Each of us might wear flip-flops, sneakers, and hiking shoes during one trip. Add in a pair of water shoes (just in case) and maybe a pair of nicer sandals for eating out and, well, you get the picture…it’s a lot of shoes.

Floor space is at a premium in an RV, so it’s just not convenient to have so many shoes lying around. We found this small hanging shoe organizer to be a reasonable solution. It has 12 cubbies and is the Goldilocks of shoe hangers–not too long, not too wide, but just right to fit in the space by the door. We used the adhesive strip it came with and added a few screws to be safe. It’s been going strong for more than three years.


RV challenge: Where do you keep shower necessities while traveling?

Our RV shower has a shelf for keeping bottles of shampoo and conditioner. But when the RV moves down the road at 60 miles an hour every few weeks, everyone knows a regular shelf will not work. Rather than having to put everything away each time we travel, we bought a shower caddy that sticks to the shower wall.

Our bottles are pretty big, so there’s been a decent amount of weight in it, and it has held on quite well.


RV challenge: toilet paper roll unravels during travel

This one caught us by surprise. We anticipated the need to remove the fan from the wall and put away loose items from the counter on travel days. However, we didn’t expect to need to put away the toilet paper. If we leave the roll on the holder while we drive, a lot of it unrolls in transit. So we now put it in the bathroom cabinet.

This toilet paper holder makes it easy to remove the roll. Just lift up the end and slide the roll off. Was it incredibly difficult to remove the roll before? No. But it’s even easier now, and I like it.


RV challenge: limited floor space, limited counter space

Remember the part about floor space being in high demand? Well, wall space is one way to free up floor space. One way to use wall space is with hooks.

Hooks are so versatile. We use ours for raincoats, dog leashes, wet dog towels, hats, sweatshirts, bath towels, and more. The best part is adding hooks is so simple! Just a couple of screws and you’re all set. We added some in the bathroom, the bedroom, and by the door.

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